Jeter returns, Yankees offense returns to June 13th

With the much ballyhooed come back of Yankees Captain and his quest for 3,000 hits, the Yankees offense thanks to in a large part of Indians starter Josh Tomlin’s 7 IP 3 H 2 R performance Monday night at Progressive Field in Cleveland. The Yankees offense seemed to revert back to the pre-Jeter DL levels.  The 14-4 record the Yankees enjoyed in Jeter’s absence was based on Nick Swisher and Brett Gardner seeing 3.5+ pitches per plate appearance while in the lead-off spot.  Jeter’s plate appearance in his first game back in the line-up saw him come to the plate 4 times and see 2,3,1 and 5 pitches in those with a reach on an error in the 1st, a lazy fly ball to center in the 3rd, ground-out to third and a humpback liner to second to round out his night.  Joe Girardi has to take the temperature of his team, and all this could become a mute point tomorrow if Jeter goes 3-5 but with a .256 average and the ability to not hit the ball hard sneaking back into Jeter’s repertoire, Girardi has to respect the 24 other members of the Yankees and not the future Hall of Famer who isn’t producing.

What gets lost in tonight’s 6-3 Yankees loss was that through 99 pitches A.J. Burnett may have had one of his best starts of the season, but that was lost on a foul ball down the Left Field line in which a Brett Gardner and Alex Rodriguez miscommunication caused the ball to fall between them.

So the Jeter 3,000 campaign resumes tomorrow, but the Yankees and Joe Girardi in particular need to right the ship to not lose the momentum they carried through their 14-4 record sans Jeter.

What’s Brewin with the Bombers is back LIVE tomorrow at 4 PM eastern and can be found here


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