July 1st Sorta Explained!

Written by Chris Wassel | 01 July 2011

Here is the TSN list of free agents that have signed today as seen by the link.

Today’s list of Free Agent Signings:

DATE NAME POS TO Total Years Avg/Yr
Jul 1 Fedotenko, Ruslan LW NYR $1.4M 1 $1.4M
Jul 1 Bergenheim, Sean LW Fla $11M 4 $2.75M
Jul 1 Handzus, Michal C SJ $5M 2 $2.5M
Jul 1 Ebbett, Andrew C Van $525K 1 $525K
Jul 1 Glass, Tanner LW Win $750K 1 $750K
Jul 1 Carcillo, Dan LW Chi $775K 1 $775K
Jul 1 Potter, Corey D Edm n/a 1 n/a
Jul 1 Potulny, Ryan C Was n/a n/a n/a
Jul 1 Elliott, Brian G StL $1.2M 2 $600K
Jul 1 Giguere, Jean-Sebastien G Col n/a 2 n/a
Jul 1 Lessard, Francis RW Ott n/a 1 n/a
Jul 1 Kobasew, Chuck RW Col $2.5M 2 $1.25M
Jul 1 Belanger, Eric C Edm $5.25M 3 $1.75M
Jul 1 Sanford, Curtis G Col $600K 1 $600K
Jul 1 Fleischmann, Tomas LW Fla $18M 4 $4.5M
Jul 1 Vandermeer, Jim D SJ $1M 1 $1M
Jul 1 Souray, Sheldon D Dal $1.65M 1 $1.65M
Jul 1 Ponikarovsky, Alexei LW Car $1.5M 1 $1.5M
Jul 1 Sturm, Marco LW Van $2.25M 1 $2.25M
Jul 1 Leino, Ville LW Buf $27M 6 $4.5M
Jul 1 Pouliot, Benoit LW Bos $1.1M 1 $1.1M
Jul 1 Ryder, Michael RW Dal $7M 2 $3.5M
Jul 1 Hedberg, Johan G NJ n/a 1 n/a
Jul 1 Auld, Alex G Ott $1M 1 $1M
Jul 1 Barker, Cam D Edm $2.25M 1 $2.25M
Jul 1 Hordichuk, Darcy LW Edm $800K 1 $800K
Jul 1 Cole, Erik RW Mon $18M 4 $4.5M
Jul 1 Hamrlik, Roman D Was $7M 2 $3.5M
Jul 1 Ward, Joel RW Was $12M 4 $3M
Jul 1 Reasoner, Marty C NYI $2.7M 2 $1.35M
Jul 1 Sullivan, Steve LW Pittsburgh $1.5M 1 $1.5M
Jul 1 Commodore, Mike D Detroit $1M 1 $1M
Jul 1 Rupp, Michael C NY Rangers $4.5M 3 $1.5M
Jul 1 Tlusty, Jiri C Carolina $525K 1 $525K
Jul 1 Budaj, Peter G Montreal $2.3M 2 $1.15M
Jul 1 Boucher, Brian G Carolina $1.9M 2 $950K
Jul 1 Meech, Derek D Winnipeg $700K 1 $700K
Jul 1 Talbot, Maxime C Philadelphia $9M 5 $1.8M
Jul 1 Vrbata, Radim RW Phoenix $9M 3 $3M
Jul 1 Goc, Marcel C Florida $5.1M 3 $1.7M
Jul 1 Hejda, Jan D Colorado $13M 4 $3.25M
Jul 1 Brunette, Andrew LW Chicago $2M 1 $2M
Jul 1 Lilja, Andreas D Philadelphia n/a 1 n/a
Jul 1 Fiddler, Vernon LW Dallas $5.4M 3 $1.8M
Jul 1 Jovanovski, Ed D Florida $16.5M 4 $4.125M
Jul 1 D’Agostini, Matt RW St. Louis $2.3M 2 $1.15M
Jul 1 Brent, Tim C Carolina $1.5M 2 $750K
Jul 1 Gordon, Boyd C Phoenix $2.65M 2 $1.325M
Jul 1 Jagr, Jaromir RW Philadelphia $3.3M 1 $3.3M
Jul 1 Mancari, Mark RW Vancouver $525K 1 $525K
Jul 1 Torres, Raffi LW Phoenix $3.5M 2 $1.75M
Jul 1 Smith, Mike G Phoenix $4M 2 $2M
Jul 1 Upshall, Scottie RW Florida $14M 4 $3.5M
Jul 1 Dvorak, Radek RW Dallas $1.5M 1 $1.5M
Jul 1 Halpern, Jeff C Washington $825K 1 $825K
Jul 1 O’Donnell, Sean D Chicago $850K 1 $850K
Jul 1 Pardy, Adam D Dallas $4M 2 $2M
Jul 1 Theodore, Jose G Florida $3M 2 $1.5M
Jul 1 Eager, Ben LW Edmonton $3.3M 3 $1.1M
Jul 1 Mayers, Jamal RW Chicago $550K 1 $550K
Jul 1 Garon, Mathieu G Tampa Bay $2.6M 2 $1.3M
Jul 1 Greene, Andy D New Jersey n/a 4 n/a
Jul 1 McCormick, Cody LW Buffalo $3.6M 3 $1.2M
Jul 1 Miller, Drew LW Detroit $1.65M 2 $825K
Jul 1 Kennedy, Tyler RW Pittsburgh $4M 2 $2M
Jul 1 Higgins, Chris LW Vancouver $3.8M 2 $1.9M
Jul 1 Wisniewski, James D Columbus $33M 6 $5.5M
Jul 1 Salo, Sami D Vancouver $2M 1 $2M
Jul 1 Harding, Josh G Minnesota $750K 1 $750K
Jul 1 Eaves, Patrick RW Detroit $3.6M 3 $1.2M


Humorously we tried to change the fonts around but the song remains the same.  There were a ton of signings today.  The Florida Panthers made a splash that felt like a tsunami in the kiddie pool with a wave of signings that got them within a few hundred thousand of the cap floor just like that.  Whether these moves will actually work is a subject up for high debate.  Give them credit for at least trying, even if they did drive up the price of free agents to levels that are ridiculous.

The question becomes now where will Brad Richards ultimately sign?  The Rangers, Maple Leafs, Kings, and several others are believed to be in the mix depending on what you have read.  Now the question we ask you before we wrap this all up over the weekend is this.  Well there are actually two.  Who will help positively for their new hockey teams and who will help their fantasy rosters the most?

Just as a postscript, we will have more analysis over the weekend or when some more top UFA’s sign, whichever comes first.


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