10 Greatest Moments in Derek Jeter’s career

With Derek Jeter becoming the 28th member of the 3,000 Hit Club, we decided a top 10 of his greatest moments were in order.

First we start with the MLB Network’s Prime 9 from September 11, 2010

9. 1996 Opening Day Home Run

8. Yankee Stadium Hit Record

7. Short Stop Hit Record

6. 2001 ALDS Game 5 catch in foul territory

5. “The Dive”

4. 1996 ALCS Jeffrey maier aided HR

3. 2000 ASG and World Series MVP

2. Mr. November

1. “The Flip”

I agree that these 9 plays in Jeter’s career belong there but I don’t agree with the order. So now onto the What’s Brewin in Sports List

10.  Winning the 2000 All Star Game MVP

9. 2000 World Series MVP

8. Most hits in Yankee Stadium History

7. Most hits by a SS

6. Most Hits in Yankee history

5. The Dive

4. Mr. November

3. The Flip

2. 5 Rings

1. 3000 Hits

We all know that Jeter hates talking about himself but we are, 3,000 hits put the final nail in the SABRterds argument that he’s a 1st ballot hall of Famer, say what you want about Derek, he’s a winner and one of the greatest New York Yankees ever.


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