Derek Jeter and the All-Star Hypocrites.

When it comes to the 2011 All-Star Game, it seems like Derek Jeter just can’t seem to win. When he was named an All-Star Starter, the internet and sports talk radio exploded with angry outbursts deriding the fans and voting process.  When Jeter pulled out of the game early last week, citing that he didn’t want to risk re-injuring the calf that had landed him on the DL, many simply shrugged it of, saying he didn’t deserve to be there anyway. However, after his marvelous 5 hit/3000th hit attaining performance on Saturday, rumors began to spread that MLB seriously wanted Jeter to attend the game and soak in the accolades of his accomplishment, however Jeter would have none of it, and isn’t going to Arizona.

Much like his initial All-Star selection, this has caused an huge firestorm, with many of the same people who ripped Jeter as undeserving now angry that he “owes” it to baseball to go. Quite frankly, as a baseball fan I don’t see why anyone would be upset about this. What would be the purpose of Jeter going to the game, especially since he’s already pulled out of playing? To simply soak in awards and applause, and take away from the game itself? That seems like a very un-Jeter like thing to do, and frankly the kind of behavior that would get Alex Rodriguez destroyed in the press. Even more, as a Yankees fan, I have no qualms with Jeter taking the days off to relax and recharge over the break, as we need the productive Derek Jeter of last week to show up in the second half. Of course, I’m sure Jeter is barely noticing any of those. He’s probably sitting in his humungous mansion right now, surrounded by Minka Kelly, his 3000th hit ball, and his 5 World Series Championship rings, which might just count as winning in and of itself.

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