Avery gets off…No prosecution in LA

New York Rangers RW Sean Avery will no longer have to worry about being prosecuted stemming from his August 5th arrest in Los Angeles for assualt on a police officer, entertainment website TMZ.com is reporting.  A source originally told What’s Brewin that Avery had closed a door on police in the early morning hours on the night in question, but cooperated in the end with the L.A.P.D.  TMZ is also reporting that the officer who filed the complaint on the NHL bad boy, had done so because of his foot being caught in the door when Avery had closed the door. 
What is left go be seen is if and how the NHL punishes Avery, who has never had a suspendable offense on the ice only off, and even on his comments towards Dion Phaneuf and his girlfriend Elisa Dushku whom Avery had previously dated in 2008.


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