4 Pre-season games aren’t the problem

Going into the NFL CBA talks, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell pronounced that “After speaking to fans, the NFL needs to adopt an 18 Game Regular Season.” The thought that fans don’t like or want to see 4 Pre-season games is a joke, fans want preseason games, as witnessed by the fact that the NFL Network shows every single one of them multiple times.  The problem with pre-season games is that they are forced onto season ticket holders who in turn are forced to pay full price for these exhibition games in which the players you cheer for play at most half of the game.
After the extreme ugliness of the 49ers and Raiders game at Candlestick Park Saturday night, should prove to the NFL, that pre-season games should be excluded from the “Blackout Rule” and season ticket holders should be given the option to purchase the tickets for these games at a discount or not at all.  But as we have learned from the airlines and oil companies, once they start making more money on minimal stuff they will keep it.  Take for instance the New York Giants, in 2007 after ground broke for The New Meadowlands Stadium (now MetLife Stadium) the Giants sold season ticket holders on the fact to guarantee parking in The Meadowlands complex would require parking permits and once the new Stadium was complete parking would go back to normal. YEAH….RIGHT, 5 seasons later, invoices for parking permits still come out in May. 
If the NFL would instruct teams that the preseason games are just that PREseason games and that teams should charge accordingly, season ticket holders wouldn’t mind paying for them.  The common practice for people is to either give tickets away to a neighbor or family member or sell the tickets on the ticketexchange or StubHub causes people who normally wouldn’t be able to attend a game the chance to go and what comes next tailgating, drukedness and moronic behavior.  The scenes from San Francisco proved just this but to say it only happens in San Francisco or Oakland,  is just pilling on at this point.   Remember when the Jets couldn’t play night time home games because of the acts of violence at Giants Stadium?  Tailgating isn’t the problem either, the problem lies with Stadium security who are simply overwhelmed.  An unarmed individual can’t possibily keep every drunken dunce out of the stadium, absolutely impossible.  Maybe the punishment for acts of BAFOONERY needs to be stepped up. Just a thought.

If the NFL adapts an 18 game schedule I fear for more possible catastrophic injury or God forbid worse during an NFL game.  4 preseason games and 16 Regular Season games are perfectly fine, just don’t kill the fans in the wallet, you already have them at hello, they aren’t going anywhere, well at least not yet.


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