Come On Sports World, Lend A Hand!



Scenes like this were commonplace and although in most places the water has receeded almost all the way or 100%, some areas are still impacted. Then there is the human side of this and clearly a case where it has hit the hockey blogger community hard.

“This Day” will pop up later I am sure but we are taking a few minutes here to talk about a dear friend, CJ (@Hawgs38 on Twitter).  No person should lose everything in a flash but that is basically what happened to her as she took her, and the pup, and some essentials as she escaped her home before it was devastated by flooding.

I think of how much we lucked out at my home here in Rahway.  Go a couple blocks and you find people that lost everything.  The Rahway River cuts Rahway in what seems like 10-12 different parts.  The flooding was very extensive locally so imagine the horror Sunday to find out what had happened to CJ.  Literally we found out right after the podcast.

So while many are thankful to have made out well, take a minute to think about those who did not.  Sure we cannot all get together in person to help her out but virtually we can make a difference.  Small talk is great but CJ needs help NOW and in any form of assistance possible.  It does not matter how much or how little you do, but do something.  A person needs help first and foremost.  If it was you, wouldn’t you hope that people would do the same for you?

Thanks so much for your time and the widget will be at the top of the site so let’s step up hockey community and help one of your own.



Chris Wassel

Director Of The Program

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