Pinstripes With A Side of Snark: Playoffs, Rain, History, and Maybe a Prediction or Two.

After 6 months, capped off by one of the greatest days in the sport’s history on Wednesday, the Major League Baseball Playoffs have officially arrived. I had wanted to have  a longer PO blog up yesterday, but a severe bout of kidney stones put the kibosh on those plans. Still, there are a few things I wanted to touch upon:

The 27 Hour Game One:

Well, here are are, a few short hours before Game One of the 2011 American League Division Series between the Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees starts… in the bottom of the second inning. Yes, thanks to Major League Baseball and TBS starting a game that anyone with a smartphone could tell was never going to finish, game one was interrupted by rain, and will continue tonight with a 1-1 score and minus both team’s aces. Now, obviously rain is a fact of life in baseball, even in the Postseason, but the radar reports were obvious to seemingly everyone (Beat Writers, fans on Twitter, etc) except MLB officials as early as 5:00 last night. MLB should have made the preemptive move to push game one to tonight and etc, without subjecting 50,000 fans to terrible weather, and having both teams burn their aces in Sabathia and Verlander, completely changing the complexion of the series.

Playoff Predictions:

Seemingly every sports website, blog, Twitter, and Tumblr has posted in-depth previews and predictions over the last few weeks, many of them better than anything I could write, especially in this medical state, so I’m just going to give my first round predictions. (NOTE: I’m using the predictions I had ready to go before ANY games had been played, even though some of them don’t feel as solid now.)

AL: Yankees over Tigers, Rays over Rangers.

NL: Phillies over Cardinals, Brewers over Diamondbacks

Most confident in the Mil over Ari, least confident in the NYY over Det pick (In fact I changed it back and forth several times)

Yankees/ALDS History:

While it obviously will have no bearing on this season, in doing some research in the Yankees ALDS history, I came across some interesting stats.

1. While conventional wisdom and most stats would tell you that winning Game 1 is integral to the ALDS, the Yankees actually provide a historical counterpoint to said convention. In the 15 American League Division Series they’ve played in since 1995, the Yankees are only 4-5 in series when taking the first game, and 5-1 in those where they drop the first game.

2. The 2011 ALDS marks the eighth time the Yankees will face an AL Central Division team in the ALDS, with the Bombers having a 4-3 record in the previous 7. 4-o vs the Minnesota Twins (03,04,09,10), 0-2 vs the Cleveland Indians (97, 07) and 0-1 vs these very Detroit Tigers (06).

Alright, that’ll be it for now. I’ll be back with an ALDS wrap-up, and (hopefully) an ALCS preview.

Go Yankees!  (Never said I was unbias =p)



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