Avery’s Next Stop? Broadway But When?


(Sean Avery is a step closer to making his return….much to the chagrin of a sizable chunk of the fanbase.)

Coach John Tortorella called the New York Rangers placing Sean Avery on re-entry waivers “a hockey decision”. He said it only has to do with the injury to Mike Rupp but there definitely seems to be more to this ongoing soap opera. Avery adds little to a Rangers team which lacks a true #1 defenseman and a Left Winger that can truly protect Marian Gaborik and Brad Richards. He adds nothing to a lineup that has only scored four goals twice and is at the very undisciplined when it comes to taking minors. If you needed to call someone up, I can think of a few players in Connecticut that would add more to the Rangers then Avery. This was about giving in to the fans longing for days gone by with a player that has been made a shell of his former self. No matter what the reason for that is, it is clear that the answer is the old Sean Avery and not the version we see now.

Avery did clear re-entry waivers at Noon today and when will he play is now the question not if he will play. This is where the blame game comes in.  Coach Tortorella’s mind games are part of the reason why Avery is where he is. The comments from TSN a few years back still hold true.  Avery is the square peg in Tortorella’s round hole.  We may never know who is more to blame here and really does anyone care?  The bigger dilemma is how to fix this team’s most glaring needs and this version of Avery just not well “cut it”.

What would you do to fix the Rangers’ LW dilemma?  We would like to hear from you so bring it to the Twitterverse or on What’s Brewin In Hockey Friday Nights at 10pm ET on Blog Talk Radio.



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