What’s wrong with the New York Jets?

What is wrong with the New York Jets is a question that has been asked many times this year and the simple answer and the popular one given by Jets fans is Brian Schottenheimer.  The problem with that answer is that the Jets issues run deeper than that.  After the team’s loss to the Denver Broncos to bring them to 5-5, we will try to examine where the Jets are lacking and how they can turn there season around.

When you take a look at the 2009 version of the New York Jets, you remember how well Mark Sanchez played throughout weeks 16 and 17 and into the playoffs, but why was that was it maybe because of the red, yellow, green wristband play chart that he wore?  Could be.  Could it be that Thomas Jones carried the team into the playoffs and then a fresh Shonn Greene helped them “Ground and Pound” the Bengals who were a shell of themselves  following the tragic death of Chris Henry, and we all know how well the Chargers play in the playoffs.  Yes they were 30 minutes away from the Super Bowl in Indy, but the Colts were going to win that game we just wanted to know by how many.  The 2010 season started with even more Rex guarantees, and playing the Colts again in the playoffs as well as the Patriots were perfect match-ups for the Jets.  Pittsburgh came out earlier and beat the Jets up in the 1st Half and put it on cruise control en route to another Super Bowl.

So this of course gave us more Rex Ryan guarantees, he is starting to turn into Patrick Ewing and not Joe Namath in the guarantee department.

Here is where we start to break down the reasons to why the Jets are in the 5-5 3rd place position that they find themselves in right now.  Since Rex Ryan has taken over the Jets they have drafted a grand total of 13 draft picks….13! How can you expect to produce a winner of the field only drafting 13 players in 3 years?  The answer to this question is by signing aging free agents. The major problem with this is that in the 2011 NFL, free agents are great to supplement your team and give you some depth but to continue signing aging free agents is a crime to your fans.  I understand the Patriots have done this and have more misses than hits BUT the core of their team isn’t aging free agents.  The Jets need better QB play than what Mark Sanchez is giving them.  The GQ QB, has now 22 games to prove himself to the New York Jets organization and fans more to the organization though to prove that he is a Super Bowl level QB.  The major problem with the Jets is the offensive line, yes they have 2 Pro Bowlers who were drafted by Eric Mangini‘s regime, but Vladimir Ducasse and the rest of the offensive line outside of Nick Mangold and D’Brickishaw Ferguson is downright awful.  Ground and Pound doesn’t work without Damien Woody and Alan Faneca.  The Jets also do not have a running back that fits into the Ground and Pound philosophy.  Joe McKnight is a burner who needs to get outside the tackles, LaDanian Tomlinson is well past the expitration date of his years of being a function every down running back, and Shonn Greene lays the ball on the turf too much to be an elite NFL Running Back.  Also, Tony Richardson is in the team picture of Greatest Fullbacks of All-Time in the NFL, and as much as Rex Ryan LOVES (borderline bromance) of John Connor he just isn’t good enough.

In the passing game, the Jets are allowing Dustin Keller to wallow away in the same way Jeremy Shockey did with Eli Manning as his QB.  He should be a bigger focal point of the offense, but because of the off-season acquisitions of Santonio Holmes in 2010 and Plaxico Burress in 2011 the Jets front office headed by Mike Tannenbaum allowed Jericho Cotchery, Braylon Edwards and Brad Smith to walk away took 2 safety valves away from Sanchez and in Smith the ability to run the Wildcat offense.  When you are nurturing a young QB in the NFL you need to give him weapons he is comfortable with and obviopusly Sanchez doesn’t look comfortable.

The Jets defense hasn’t changed much in the past 3 years, the addition of Muhammed Wilkerson helped the Jets let Jason Taylor (another past his prime free agent) go back to Miami AGAIN. In the Jets, 2 playoff wins in 2010 Shaun Ellis, was a beast rushing the QB, he single-handedly kept Tom Brady shuffling his feet, something many defenses can’t do,  and helped the Jets erase the memories of the 45-3 ass whooping the Patriots laid on the Jets in a December Monday Night game.

The reason why the New York Jets are 5-5 in 2011 is simple, you can not build a team to beat one team and survive in the NFL and when you don’t beat that team and don’t have enough talent to beat everyone else you are 5-5 and your Coach and GM are the reason you are that way. Shut up and play football.



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