Anyone want to buy a Met season ticket?

by Jim Hague

As any of my closest friends will attest, I am not the greatest mathematician. When figuring out statistics or filling out vouchers, I always have to have a calculator handy. Adding 8+7 is a chore for me.

However, after I received official confirmation that my beloved Jose Reyes had signed with the Miami Marlins for a boat load of cash, I started to do some computations.

I’ve been at least a partial season ticket holder for the New York Mets since the 1989 season. In the beginning, it was a six-game “Six Pack,” but for the last 10 years, it’s been a 15-game or over the last three years at CitiField, a 20-game package.

So I’ve figured out that I’ve spent more than $40,000 in Met tickets over the last 22 years. That’s enough to buy a new Buick.

Well, that ends today. I have decided to not renew my Met season ticket plan.

If the Mets don’t care about what product they put on the field, then why should I care about what they do?

I mean, I’ll never stop being a Met fan. No way, no how. It’s not like I’m going to take all 74 of my Met shirts and 39 of my Met hats and burn them in some gigantic bonfire over not re-signing their 28-year-old franchise shortstop.

I’ll still follow them. I’ll still care.

But to go there and spend my hard-earned money on that team? Sorry, not happening.

There was no way in hell that they were even going to try to bring Reyes back. It was all a complete charade. The idiotic owners, namely Freddie Coupon and Coupon Jr. once again lied to all of us Met fans, like for the 2,378th time, when they said they were going to make every effort to bring Reyes back.

Now we learn today that Reyes never received an official offer from them. What do they think we are? Totally stupid? I may drink the blue and orange Kool-Aid from time to time, but do not dare to insult my intelligence.

If you didn’t even try to sign Reyes, that proves you don’t care what is on the field in 2012.

And if you don’t care, then why, as someone who forks over $3,500 of my money on tickets _ and that’s before I even try to compute the cost of parking, beer, hot dogs (yes, I eat), you name it _ should I care? Why should I care what they do if the damned owners of the team don’t care?

Gee, they’re offering a discount on their tickets this year. Big whoop-de-damn-doo asDerrick Coleman once said. Discount to see a totally inferior product. Sorry, but Ruben Tejada, as nice of a player he seems to be, does not excite the masses. No one excited Met fans more than Reyes beating out a triple. Only Mookie Wilson’s basepaths exploits were more enjoyable.

If they weren’t going to re-sign Reyes or even make an attempt to do so, then they should have traded him last season. No, they knew they couldn’t get fair value so they sat on him, gave some Met fans hope, then let him walk away without even an offer.

Why stop here? Let’s trade David Wright now while we’re at it. What the hell? Get rid of everyone.

I love reading the posts and quips today that said that the Mets are better off without Reyes.

“Hey, they didn’t win with him.”

“He’s not worth it.”

“He’s only going to get hurt.”

The whole “win with him” thing irks me. Did the Red Sox win with Ted Williams? How about the Cubs with Ernie Banks? It didn’t mean those teams got rid of those players because the team didn’t win.

Not worth it? Not worth six years? Reyes is 27, going to be 28. He’s in the prime of his career. At the end of his contract, he’ll be 33. Is that an old man?

Did the team across the East River kick their franchise to the curb when he was 33? No, I don’t think so.

The ”going to get hurt” excuse is also laughable. Sure, Reyes has been injured a few times over the last four years…but look at his numbers when he’s healthy. It’s scary. No one in the National League put up the all-around numbers he did. NO ONE!

Need proof? Here goes:

2005: 99 runs scored, 190 hits, 7 HR, 58 RBI, .273 BA, 60 SB
2006: 122 runs scored, 194 hits, 19 HR, 81 RBI, .300 BA, 64 SB
2007: 119 runs scored, 191 hits, 12 HR, 57 RBI, .280 BA, 78 SB
2008: 113 runs scored, 204 hits, 16 HR, 68 RBI, .297 BA, 56 SB
2009: injured, 36 games
2010: 11 HR, 54 RBI, .282, 30 SB
2011: 101 runs scored, 181 hits, 7 HR, 44 RBI, .337, 39 SB

Pujols doesn’t produce those overall numbers.

How can the Mets be better off without him? Better yet, who dares to be the leadoff hitter now?

So to the Mets’ ownership (morons one and all), I bid adieu…it’s done…my season ticket ownership is finished.

Come next April, when I used to have to sit in hours of traffic to go watch the Mets, I’ll be doing creative needlepoint at the local YMCA or perhaps catching up on my classical music collection or maybe even taking a class to enhance my horrendous math skills.

Anything but going to Flushing and see the Mets. Thanks to the liars who run that asylum, I won’t be going.


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