On September 3 2011 the Oregon Ducks experienced a heart breaking loss to the LSU Tigers on national TV. 129 days later the Alabama Crimson Tide snatched a national title by blowing out the hometown favorite LSU Tigers. As a Duck fan I am happy with the way the tables were turned but not satisfied. SEC teams taking advantage of the home field in big games must not carry over in to the 2013 season.     There is a 4 year rotation that determines where the  NCAA Football championship game is played  and California is the only non southern state. The title trophy has been controlled by the SEC since 2006. With the exception of one year, an unfair home field advantage has gone to a team from the SEC.  College football is a big business and the school representing the national champions make a gynormous amount of money. According to Business Insider “http://www.businessinsider.com/costliest-ncaa-sports-conferences-2011-1” they spend the most money of any conference.     I believe that the proposed playoff system that will replace the bowl format and this would be the first step of a process that will balance out college football. I enjoy, for example, big season opening games like those played at the Dallas Cowboys stadium. Neutral sites for these games should be the next step in balancing out college football match-ups.

The “hometown” LSU fans relentlessly boo’d their quarterback, then left in droves when their team had no chance of winning the game.  Maybe LSU would prefer a less hostile neutral site in the future.  Ironic.

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