Liar, liar, pants on fire
The incomparable lying Freddie Coupon

The incomparable, lying windbag known as Freddie Coupon showed up at the Mets’ training facility in Port St. Lucie Monday to offer his state of the Mets address.

And after listening to this deceitful disgrace spew one falsehood after another over the years, I didn’t think he was capable of lying even more.

I was wrong. Freddie Coupon, who obviously and truly believes that loyal Met fans are both stupid and gullible, made like Pinocchio again and said that the Mets did make a $100 million offer to former franchise shortstop Jose Reyes, who took his freshly shorn dreadlocks and scurried to Miami, even though he wanted to stay.

Now, this latest claim comes on the heels of Reyes and his agent both stating after Reyes signed with the Marlins that the Mets never made a single offer at all. They were led to believe that the Mets had no interest in re-signing him at all.

But Coupon, who becomes more of a laughingstock than his beleaguered team every time he opens his trap, laid that bombshell on the media yesterday. It’s a flat out lie.

Then, he manages to throw yet another general manager under the proverbial bus, by saying that it was Sandy Alderson’s idea to cut the payroll by some $60 million and that the drastic dip in payroll had nothing to do the with the Bernie Madoff situation.

First, let’s address the claim about Alderson wanting to cut payroll. What general manager with any sense of sanity wants to actually cut payroll to put an inferior product on the field? Every GM wishes they had unlimited payroll to go out and sign the best free agents possible, not the bottom of the barrel dregs. It makes the GM’s job that much easier, knowing he doesn’t have to worry about every single penny when it comes to signing talent.

So does anyone with at least one brain wave still operating inside their noggin believe that Alderson actually asked Coupon and Coupon, Jr., the lying son who actually took a helicopter to the Knicks-Heat game last week, for a payroll cut? Seriously, does Coupon think we’re all that stupid?

If I’m Alderson, who was begged by MLB Commissioner Bud Selig to take the Mets’ GM job in an effort to save the whole ridiculous franchise, I’m looking to bail out now, especially since my so-called boss just got out the team bus _ chartered, of course _ and drove it right over me.

I guess Freddie Coupon expects Alderson to be a loyal soldier. Coupon expects a lot of things.

Like he expects everyone to believe that the team’s financial woes have nothing to do with the Madoff investigation. You have to be kidding me. If there was nothing wrong, then why would Coupon be looking to divest and bring in other owners? Why would you have to cut payroll? Because you want to be fiscally solvent? That might work in Pittsburgh and Kansas City, but not New York, especially not when the richest franchise in all of sports is located right across the river from you.

Why does Coupon persist with the idea that there’s nothing wrong? A quick glimpse at the Mets’ roster and you see a team that simply cannot compete in the NL East, especially when everyone else in the division has improved and you’ve brought in immortals like Jon Rauch and Frank Francisco. It’s been a while since the Mets were this much of a non-factor a month before Opening Day. They’re destined for last place in the division by far.

Of course there’s something wrong, way wrong. If there wasn’t anything wrong, the Mets wouldn’t be in the state they’re in _ thanks to the lying windbag and his equally liar of a son.

Coupon said that he had received some investors who are putting their money into his beleaguered franchise, that there could be an influx of approximately $250 million with the new investors’ money.

But a quick glance shows that four of the seven investors are actually from Coupon’s stable. He’s basically doing the wise thing, taking some of the millions he receives in revenue from the SNY cable network and divesting that money into his team. SNY makes money, hand over foot, some $290 million in revenue last year.

And this way, Coupon is protecting himself as well if there is a settlement to be made in the Madoff case.

One last thing. The idea that the Mets lost $70 million last year is absurd. They didn’t lose $70 million, because no company could afford to operate at a $70 million deficit. They just made $70 million less last year than the year before. It wasn’t that they lost $70 million. Just made $70 million less. Big difference.

Coupon made a mockery of the whole proceeding by showing a wad of money, apparently all $5 bills, as a way of saying everything is all right.

“It’s OK,” Coupon said. “I’ve got fives.”

Is that supposed to be funny?

He also vowed that he would own the Mets until he died. That was the worst news of all. Because as long as he continues to hold on to the Mets, the team is as laughable as he is.

He offered one last lie in his series of falsehoods: “I think we have a pretty good and a competitive baseball team.”

No, Mr. Coupon, you don’t.

Make no bones about it, the reason why Coupon is holding on to the Mets and every thing else is the fact that he still holds the right of emminent domain on the area outside CitiField. All the auto body shops and car repair businesses right outside the ballpark could be removed in a heartbeat if Coupon bought them all out, then took over the area and redeveloped it with shops, restaurants, commercial and residential areas. It has the potential to be worth billions. Coupon gives up the Mets and that right of emminent domain goes out the window.

He’s still seeing $$$$ flash across his eyes, even in a depressed real estate market. It’s how Coupon made his fortune in the first place. He knows real estate much better than he knows baseball.

But please, Coupon has to stop lying to us all. Enough is enough. You weren’t signing Reyes. Alderson didn’t ask for a payroll cut. That was your idea. And your team is in shambles and you have only yourself and the lying helicopter boy to blame. No one else. It’s your mess.

Can it be cleaned up? Not as long as Freddie Coupon is calling the shots and lying through his choppers with every single syllable that comes out of his narrowminded head.

As a member of the Met fan contingency, I can attest to one thing. We are not morons. We’re only morons if we head out to that mausoleum this year and watch Coupon’s folly.

The Golden Eagle Warriors of Marquette are 23-5 and are currently ranked No. 7 in the entire nation. It’s really an unbelievable feat and credit has to be given to coach Buzz Williams, who could be Big East Coach of the Year if voters just forget about what has happened with Mike Brey and Notre Dame again this year. Despite the Irish’s two straight setbacks, Brey has done a wonderful job in South Bend this season, but he was both the Big East and National Coach of the Year last year. Can he win it again?

Yes, I’m offering praise to Williams, who I lambasted here a year ago. He deserves praise. I’m a big man. Literally.

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