Alex Rodriguez Milestone Tracker

Alex Rodriguez milestone tracker

Home Runs
Barry Bonds 762
Hank Aaron 755
Babe Ruth 714
Willie Mays 660
Alex Rodriguez 632

Runs Batted In
Hank Aaron 2297
Babe Ruth 2213
Cap Anson 2075
Barry Bonds 1996
Lou Gehrig 1995
Stan Musial 1951
Ty Cobb 1938
Jimmie Foxx 1922
Eddie Murray 1917
Alex Rodriguez 1907

Hits 2810

Rickey Henderson 2295
Ty Cobb 2246
Barry Bonds 2227
Hank Aaron 2174
Babe Ruth 2174
Pete Rose 2165
Willie Mays 2062
Cap Anson 1999
Stan Musial 1949
Lou Gehrig 1888
Tris Speaker 1882
Mel Ott 1859
Craig Biggio 1844
Alex Rodriguez 1843
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