Giant Fail

Ok here’s something crazy. If the Bears, Vikings and Cowboys lose next week and the Giants win, Giants get the wildcard. And my question is, do I want them to be in after the way they played against the Ravens and Falcons. I knew these two games were going to be hard ones but it’s like they didn’t even try against the Falcons but they looked completely lost against both teams. As if they forgot how to play the game. No, wait, they didn’t even show up. And what aggravated me more is how the players and fans were continuing with this bullshit about last season and how it happened then so it’s gonna happen again. Yeah… I wasn’t even pissed or upset, I was disappointed with the lack of defense, lack of offense and lack of trying. There was no motivation, no drive, no emotion. And now that there’s a small chance for them to be in, it’s like what is the point? Lets just put everyone including the players out of their misery and start over next season. There was too much talk, too much cocky attitudes and too much of the past talk. We live in the present. It’s a new season, forget what you did last season, it’s about right now, today, what can you do today? How are you going to play? Do you want it more than other teams? Do you think you have what it takes to win another championship? If you think so, then play like it. Show everyone that you are better than what is being showed. Injuries? Who the fuck cares!!!! That’s not an excuse! Players need to step up! I said this about the Jets and I’m saying it about the Giants. Seriously! And Eli is looking like the old QB. He’s not looking like that Champion QB we remember from 2011 season. And he should be looking better.

I was disgusted with the lack of play I saw today. And the thousand and one flags didn’t help their situation at all. While I won’t compare the way the Giants were playing to the Jets or Eagles but it was close to it. And now if things go their way, do they honestly deserve to be in the playoffs? Would they even be able to get passed the Wildcard with the way they have showed up against good teams? I don’t really think so. Maybe if they get heads out of their asses and focus on the game at hand and keep thinking, it’s all or nothing, then maybe, just maybe there’s a chance. But I don’t believe it and I don’t think I’m gonna regret saying what I’m saying cause I haven’t seen much of anything from them. They haven’t been consistent this whole season. The good games they have had, Cruz, Bradshaw, Wilson have been amazing. Eli has been amazing! Defense has been awesome. And then you see nothing out of them in the next game. They literally fell of the face of the earth in November and that’s when we got the whole “We had a slump last year around this time and look at where we ended up! Well be fine.” Not quoting anyone but that’s pretty much sums it up. And the last two games have been absolutely disgusting. It was watching a train wreck and believing deep down they will come back and never did.

I’m a huge Giants fan and I love my team and wouldn’t care if they didn’t make it or if they sucked but if you tried, I’d be OK with this. But the lack of that has made me a very disappointed fan. Hopefully next season well see something better.

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