Agents acting like hockey parents

Vancouver Canucks Cory Schneider (left) and Roberto Luongo give their team ‘lots of goaltending,’ understates Schneider’s agent Mike Liut. Photograph by: Jonathan Hayward , The Canadian Press


Much maligned coach here, Alain Vigneault of the Vancouver Canucks has a situation that Washington Capitals Coach Adam Oates wishes he did, two good starting net minders  Going into the season, Canucks GM Mike Gillis amd Vigneault stated that Cory Schneider would be the Canucks starter. Well after a 2-2 start and a GAA of north of 3, Roberto Luongo got his shot to play and his play has been phenomenal 3 wins sub 1.30 GAA.  Schneider has said everything right about the situation, but his agent Mike Liut of Octagon Sports has turned into every parent who’s kid isn’t playing enough.

Speaking to the Vancouver Sun Monday, Liut had the following dumbass things to say… “Our concern is we were hoping that this would be the year that Cory would play 75 per cent of the games,”  “If they are both there for the entire season, and it’s a 48-game season, and Roberto plays 40 games, that’s a disaster,”  “That’s an extreme and I don’t think that’s going to happen, but certainly the sooner [there’s a resolution] the better.

Yea, Mike, force the hand of the team where your client is, I am positive that will work out well for him.  Face facts, Vancouver has 10 million dollars ties up in salary cap space between it’s 2 goaltenders, and Luongo has 10 years left on a 12 year deal signed in 2010 with a cap hit of 5.33 mil.  The way Luongo has played as of late, makes holding onto him a great move for Gillis, let him play and get his trade value up, but since his years and cap hit are what they are, there is only 1 team in the running and that’s Toronto.  Gillis has the leverage in this situation and isn’t giving away Luongo for nothing or 2 1st round draft picks the way Brian Burke did for Phil Kessel.  (Cue Thank You Kessel chant here)

We tell parents of kids to not beg for playing time, about time agents learn the same rules.

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