February 5, 2013 – This Is Why I’m Hot!

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It is time to take the Gloves OFF! on this Tuesday episode with Host Matthew Barnaby!

On today’s show, Matthew will talk about two Canadian teams who have surprised him at the quarter turn of the season….. Les Habitants and his hometown Ottawa Senators.

Luuuuuuu, LOLuongo, 7uongo… Once again, Matthew will talk about Roberto Luongo….. but who’s LOL now?

It’s getting HOT in HERE! Find out who’s on Matthew’s HOT SEAT…. Capitals and Sabres fans will want to give this a close listen!

Your Twitter questions… interesting and entertaining…. Matthew will answer them.

@MattBarnaby3636     #AskMatt     #GlovesOFF

Trophy Watch…. It’s not too early in a shortened season to talk about who’s on Matthew’s watch list.

Game ON… A preview of 2 games to watch this week, one from the East and one from the West.

Give Matthew a listen every Tuesday and Friday.  This is why he’s HOT….. he’s never afraid to take the Gloves OFF! 


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