March 14, 2013- The City of Brotherly Love?

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It’s a special Thursday edition of Gloves OFF! with your Host Matthew Barnaby

On Today’s show, the Philadelphia Flyers…. City of Brotherly Love?  Not right now!
John Tortorella….. need we say more?

Corey Perry….. Making news in more ways than one!

Visors…. Matthew will discuss the Pros and Cons….yes, the Cons!

Matthew may have been absent with the flu but he’s always ready for your Twitter questions… Always!

@MattBarnaby3636     #AskMatt     #GlovesOFF

Matthew shares his Mid-Season Awards picks…. Do you agree?

Wrapping up the show….. Game ON!  Two games that Matthew is looking forward to watching!

He’s getting his voice back…. He’s kicking the flu…. He’s doing this special Thursday episode just for you!

He’s baaaack to take the Gloves OFF!

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