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Alex Rodriguez Milestone Tracker

Alex Rodriguez milestone tracker

Home Runs
Barry Bonds 762
Hank Aaron 755
Babe Ruth 714
Willie Mays 660
Alex Rodriguez 632

Runs Batted In
Hank Aaron 2297
Babe Ruth 2213
Cap Anson 2075
Barry Bonds 1996
Lou Gehrig 1995
Stan Musial 1951
Ty Cobb 1938
Jimmie Foxx 1922
Eddie Murray 1917
Alex Rodriguez 1907

Hits 2810

Rickey Henderson 2295
Ty Cobb 2246
Barry Bonds 2227
Hank Aaron 2174
Babe Ruth 2174
Pete Rose 2165
Willie Mays 2062
Cap Anson 1999
Stan Musial 1949
Lou Gehrig 1888
Tris Speaker 1882
Mel Ott 1859
Craig Biggio 1844
Alex Rodriguez 1843
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If this is the end, I was honored to spend the last night with you…

The year is 1997, I a high school sophomore, went up to Yankee Stadium, to see a game and sit in the Bleachers and met someone who was fun and helped me appreciate the game a whole lot more than I ever did sitting in the Box Seats.  This person I would learn later was Bald Vinny.  For the next 15 years, Bald Vinny would turn into more than just a guy sitting in Section 39, screaming at the top of his lungs to see if every player would answer him in some special way, to a business man, a reality TV star, friend to thousands of people, Social Media kingpin, Husband to Rose, Father to Layla and Lucas, and to me most importantly a loyal friend.


Fast forward to 2009, when the What’s Brewin in Sports Radio Network was beginning Bald Vinny’s House of T’s was our first sponsor and has been with us ever since, no matter what will ALWAYS be there.  He has been a guest on the show too many times to mention and every Yankee blog or talk show that has ever asked for an interview has received one from the leader of “The Bleacher Creatures”.  Vinny knows that fans drove his business and for the past 10 years has.  Unfortunately, a new Stadium was built and 50,000+ people weren’t walking past Vinny’s shirt stand anymore.  The “Die-Hards” kept business running for Vinny, but the evolution of Yankee fans and the ever emerging Pink Hat fans that didn’t appreciate 1 man standing outside Billy’s Sports Bar selling One of a Kind shirts, scarves, pins and hoodies at extremely reasonable prices, brought Vinny to a crossroads, and that crossroads was told to me on Opening Day 2011.  When Vinny told me that this may possibly be the final season that he would be operating the shirt stand as well as doing Roll Call, I was stunned.  More than stunned, I was upset, everyone including the Yankees, have been screwing him all these years, I thought that maybe just maybe they would step up their end of the deal of having the most recognizable fan in baseball and help him out, maybe start selling some of his gear inside the Stadium.   I told him that by the end of the year hopefully, he would change his mind and be back in the Bronx in 2012, but as the season began to run it’s course, and I had the opportunity to spend more time with him working at the stand over the last 2 months, I realized that the days were growing longer for him and that the my very good friend who was living the American Dream, may have to get a real job to help support his family.

With the final out of the Yankees season last night, I saw a man who was always full of energy, who took all losses to heart, taking this one especially harder, I worked my ass off post game to sell 1 more shirt, hoodie, pin, or scraf for the man that I have called my friend for 15 years.  When we closed up the stand last night, hopefully not for the last time, I looked at my friend who I could see that he was holding back the same tears that I am writing this final paragraph with, told him that I loved him and that we will always be there for each other gave him a hug and said I will see you in April.  Lord knows if I will be right, but if he isn’t there next year, the Yankees will play, someone else will try to do Roll Call, but it won’t be the same.  Vinny, I know I speak for every die hard Yankees fan when I say, you were more a part of every Yankee team since 1997, than any player, manager, front office member, you sir are a true “Yankee Legend”!

If you still haven’t bought a shirt from Vinny,  go to

Pinstripes With A Side of Snark: Playoffs, Rain, History, and Maybe a Prediction or Two.

After 6 months, capped off by one of the greatest days in the sport’s history on Wednesday, the Major League Baseball Playoffs have officially arrived. I had wanted to have  a longer PO blog up yesterday, but a severe bout of kidney stones put the kibosh on those plans. Still, there are a few things I wanted to touch upon:

The 27 Hour Game One:

Well, here are are, a few short hours before Game One of the 2011 American League Division Series between the Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees starts… in the bottom of the second inning. Yes, thanks to Major League Baseball and TBS starting a game that anyone with a smartphone could tell was never going to finish, game one was interrupted by rain, and will continue tonight with a 1-1 score and minus both team’s aces. Now, obviously rain is a fact of life in baseball, even in the Postseason, but the radar reports were obvious to seemingly everyone (Beat Writers, fans on Twitter, etc) except MLB officials as early as 5:00 last night. MLB should have made the preemptive move to push game one to tonight and etc, without subjecting 50,000 fans to terrible weather, and having both teams burn their aces in Sabathia and Verlander, completely changing the complexion of the series.

Playoff Predictions:

Seemingly every sports website, blog, Twitter, and Tumblr has posted in-depth previews and predictions over the last few weeks, many of them better than anything I could write, especially in this medical state, so I’m just going to give my first round predictions. (NOTE: I’m using the predictions I had ready to go before ANY games had been played, even though some of them don’t feel as solid now.)

AL: Yankees over Tigers, Rays over Rangers.

NL: Phillies over Cardinals, Brewers over Diamondbacks

Most confident in the Mil over Ari, least confident in the NYY over Det pick (In fact I changed it back and forth several times)

Yankees/ALDS History:

While it obviously will have no bearing on this season, in doing some research in the Yankees ALDS history, I came across some interesting stats.

1. While conventional wisdom and most stats would tell you that winning Game 1 is integral to the ALDS, the Yankees actually provide a historical counterpoint to said convention. In the 15 American League Division Series they’ve played in since 1995, the Yankees are only 4-5 in series when taking the first game, and 5-1 in those where they drop the first game.

2. The 2011 ALDS marks the eighth time the Yankees will face an AL Central Division team in the ALDS, with the Bombers having a 4-3 record in the previous 7. 4-o vs the Minnesota Twins (03,04,09,10), 0-2 vs the Cleveland Indians (97, 07) and 0-1 vs these very Detroit Tigers (06).

Alright, that’ll be it for now. I’ll be back with an ALDS wrap-up, and (hopefully) an ALCS preview.

Go Yankees!  (Never said I was unbias =p)


Pinstripes With A Side Of Snark #5

Way back in my first post on this site, I talked about how excited I was about the prospect  of writing a weekly Yankees blog, and that I was really going to commit myself to staying on a schedule. Suffice to say, that hasn’t  worked out. So, where the hell have I been? Well honestly (maybe too honestly) I’m about to tell you. To put it bluntly, my father’s health is failing. He’s been plagued by kidney issues, diabetes, high blood pressure, and a chronic nerve disease that leaves him in crippling pain over the past year. Over the course of August we had to rush him to the hospital on three different occasions, and watched his daily medication count balloon, culminating to a point where he basically needs someone around 24 hours a day, which has been my life for the last three or four weeks, which has clearly cut into my blogging time. I tried writing a few entires during this period, but it seemed like every time I got a piece near-done, something new would happen in my home life and overshadow it. Luckily, the situation seems to have settled itself for now, or at least enough that I can take the time to do this. Now, I’m sure there’s a lot of people reading this asking “Why’re you putting this on the internet, and why on a sports site?” To answer the first part, I’ve always been a pretty public person. I have an active Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook  life, and I often use them to vent (while keeping things still private enough in my mind, though I’m sure others disagree.) As for why on a sports site, honestly I can’t think of a better venue to talk about my dad. For better or worse, my relationship with my father is inexorably linked to sports. Not that there aren’t other aspects to our relationship, but almost of best memories with him relate to sports. It was through watching baseball with him that I learned to love the sport. I was with him for every major moment of the last Yankees dynasty, and eventually co-opted him into my New England Patriots fandom, and we enjoyed that dynasty together to. We’ve been to countless Yankee games together, in both the old and new Stadiums, the last being Game 3 of last year’s ALDS against the Twins. On top of that, he sat with me in the upper deck of the old Giants Stadium to watch the Pats go 16-0, even though we were surrounded by  angry Giants fans, vowing I’d be hearing from them a few months later after the Super Bowl… like that could ever happen. All kidding aside, those memories of live sporting events will be with me forever, but they’re sadly over now. While my dad will (hopefully) still be around for a very long time, the odds of him being able to actually attend anything on that level again are slim to none. I do take comfort in the fact that his passion is still there. He listens to/watches every Yankees game, and is psyched for the Playoffs and the upcoming NFL Season. In the end, I’m thankful for that.

Well, that’s what I’ve got for you right now. I’m hoping to have a Yankees piece up at the end of this week (not to mention a couple of smaller Patriots pieces I’ve been working on), but obviously that may be subject to change.




Bald Vinny on TMZ….linkage here

Yes, the Best Friend of What’s Brewin has made it even more mainstream.  Bald Vinny was profiled on TMZ the other day and we got the link so you can view for yourself. Congrats Vance you deserve it.

What’s Brewin Contest-Predict Chuck Knoblauch’s Baby Height and Weight Pool

Our favorite Yankee tweep is having a baby with his beautiful wife and we had an idea here on the Network…. A baby pool.  The closest person to the height and weight of the future Knoblauch wins a *61 and When It Was A Game Blu Ray Disc courtesy of HBO Sports as well as an autographed 8×10 of Chuck.  Leave your guesses and e-mail address in the comments on this page.  GOOD LUCK!!!


@YankeeLaw 18″ 6.8lbs

@Taytter 21″ 7.9 lbs

@Denise217 19.5″ 8.1 lbs

@ChuckKnoblauch 20″ 7.5lbs (Should he really be allowed to enter?)

A Night with Erin and David Robertson

On Wednesday night, July 27th, What’s Brewin in Sports and our friends at Foley’s New York Pub and Grill hosted David and Erin Robertson, by holding a fundraiser for their foundation, High Socks for Hope.  Tonight’s event raised $14,000.

High Socks for Hope was started by New York Yankees Pitcher David Robertson, a Tuscaloosa, Alabama native and his wife Erin, to help the City rebuild after the devastating tornadoes that hit his hometown on April 27, 2011.  David has pledged to donate $100 for every strikeout he records throughout the 2011 Season.

Click here to watch the video clip of David and Erin viewing the destruction in Tuscaloosa for the first time.

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To buy a David Robertson “High Socks for Hope” tee-shirt, click here. All proceeds go to the David and Erin Robertson Foundation.

I would like to personally thank Shaun Clancy from Foley’s and David and Erin Robertson for all their hard work and friendship.

Pinstripes With a Side of Snark: Weeks 3 + 4

Greetings regular readers, Twitter followers, and bored people looking for something to read on a summer afternoon. First and foremost, I’d like to offer an explanation for the lateness of this column. I found myself without Wi-Fi for a vast majority of last week, then dealing with some medical problems with my wisdom teeth that have knocked me out for a couple more days. My distinct apologies for that, and I will do my best to ensure it never happens again. Now, onward to some baseball talk.

7/14 – 7/25

The New York Yankees have gone 7-5 in twelve games since the All-Star Break, and the whole stretch can be seen as a microcosm of the team’s season so far. Some games featured a dynamic, seemingly unstoppable offense (see the 17-6 beat down of Oakland on 7/22, and the 10-3 manhandling of Seattle on 7/25), while others had a lineup that simply couldn’t buy a RISP hit. The team began the stretch by dropping the first two post-break games to Toronto, before rallying behind another masterful CC Sabathia start to take the final two games up north, splitting the four game series. Moving onwards from Toronto, the team played a four game series against their Eastern Division rival Tampa Bay Rays. Once again the four game series led to a split, with the each game being a tightly played affair. Though winning only 4/8 wasn’t the ideal way to start the second half, the Yankees arrived home last weekend with a comfortable lead in the Wild Card, and still well within striking distance of the Division title. The team began their homestand by taking 2/3 from Oakland, with their only loss being a very winnable Saturday afternoon game where the winning run was left on base to end the game. After Oakland, the team took the opening game of three game series with the Seattle Mariners.

CC Cy?

Anyone whose followed me on Twitter for the last few years knows that I’m a big CC Sabathia guy. I think that he has been more than worth the contract the Yankees gave him before the ’09 season, and has been nothing but a consistent ace for the team. That being said, I don’t think he’s ever looked better in pinstripes than his recent stretch of starts. In his last ten, the big man is 8-2 with 2.22 era, and 75 strikeouts in 77 innings, and getting through at least the seventh inning in all but one start. If Sabathia continues anywhere near this level, I think he has to be the frontrunner for the AL Cy Young Award, and would in my humble opinion deserve it.

It’s never too early.

From strictly a fan perspective, I want to see the Yankees win the Eastern Division Championship. Nothing would be more rewarding (in the regular season) than seeing the Yankees snarl the division title away from the Red Sox. But that being said, I have no issue with the Yankees winning the Wild Card. Bottom line is that making the playoffs is what really matters in MLB. Granted, home field advantage would be welcome, but I don’t thin it’s an absolute need. For example, the Yankees not having HFA had little to do with them being bounced from the 2010 Postseason. Let’s be frank, Texas destroyed them in 2/3 games at Yankee Stadium at the ALCS.

Alright, that should wrap it up for this week. Next week I’ll wrap up the series with the Mariners, and the rest of the Yankees Hope Week games, review HBO’s DJ3K documentary, and discuss some of the proposed changes to the MLB playoff  format.

Pitching Matchups – Yankees vs Blue Jays

by Colin MacNeal

The New York Yankees (53-35) are on a eight-game road trip, starting in Toronto and ending in Tampa, to start the second-half of the season. The last time New York and Toronto faced each other was back in May at the Cathedral in the Bronx. The Yankees took 2 of 3 from the Jays.

Through eight-games this year, the Yankees have won five against the Blue Jays.

The Bombers got some bullpen help today by signing left-hander, J.C. Romero, to a minor league deal.

RHP Bartolo Colon (6-4, 3.20)
LHP Jo-Jo Reyes (4-7, 4.57)
7:07 p.m., YES Network and MLB Network

RHP Freddy Garcia (7-6, 3.13)
RHP Brandon Morrow (5-4, 4.60)
7:07 p.m., MY9 and MLB Network

LHP CC Sabathia (13-4, 2.72)
LHP Ricky Romero (7-8, 3.09)
1:07 p.m., YES Network

RHP Phil Hughes (0-2, 10.57)
RHP Carlos Villanueva (5-1, 2.99)
1:07 p.m., YES Network

You can follow Colin on twitter: @YanksFan5

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Derek Jeter and the All-Star Hypocrites.

When it comes to the 2011 All-Star Game, it seems like Derek Jeter just can’t seem to win. When he was named an All-Star Starter, the internet and sports talk radio exploded with angry outbursts deriding the fans and voting process.  When Jeter pulled out of the game early last week, citing that he didn’t want to risk re-injuring the calf that had landed him on the DL, many simply shrugged it of, saying he didn’t deserve to be there anyway. However, after his marvelous 5 hit/3000th hit attaining performance on Saturday, rumors began to spread that MLB seriously wanted Jeter to attend the game and soak in the accolades of his accomplishment, however Jeter would have none of it, and isn’t going to Arizona.

Much like his initial All-Star selection, this has caused an huge firestorm, with many of the same people who ripped Jeter as undeserving now angry that he “owes” it to baseball to go. Quite frankly, as a baseball fan I don’t see why anyone would be upset about this. What would be the purpose of Jeter going to the game, especially since he’s already pulled out of playing? To simply soak in awards and applause, and take away from the game itself? That seems like a very un-Jeter like thing to do, and frankly the kind of behavior that would get Alex Rodriguez destroyed in the press. Even more, as a Yankees fan, I have no qualms with Jeter taking the days off to relax and recharge over the break, as we need the productive Derek Jeter of last week to show up in the second half. Of course, I’m sure Jeter is barely noticing any of those. He’s probably sitting in his humungous mansion right now, surrounded by Minka Kelly, his 3000th hit ball, and his 5 World Series Championship rings, which might just count as winning in and of itself.

As always, feel free to leave any comments or opinions in the comment box below, or @ on Twitter at