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My Bud Selig Interview

Got ya reading!  We both know that Bud Selig would never agree to an interview with me or any other blogger, so I present the questions that I would ask him.

Bud, thank you for joining me today.

Under your watch baseball has grown leaps and bounds, what in your opinion is the reason for it?

The 1998 Home Run Derby between McGwire and Sosa is credited with saving the game after the 1994 Strike, How do you sleep at night knowing both players were juicing during it?

You openly didn’t care about steroids until the U.S. Government hauled you up to Capitol Hill. Can we just call you a hypocrite now?

I’m going to name you a list of players who have made boatloads of money for the game, tell me what they have in common?  Piazza, Bonds, Clemens, Palmiero, McGwire, Sosa, Rodriguez, Braun, Ortiz, Ramirez.  And Bud you can’t say steroids.

Why can’t we have instant replay in baseball?

Am I wrong in assuming the witch hunt towards Alex Rodriguez has everything to do with keeping the media off of your back for your string of awful decisions in regards to Instant Replay, the All Star Game, Contraction, World Baseball Classic?

Umpires are downright awful as of late, any chance of you saying something or are you afraid of their union?

How does your ego feel that you are trying to cement your legacy as commissioner of baseball?

Thanks for sitting down with me.  As usual after hearing you talk I need to go and talk a shower.