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25 Days of Christmas, December 15

Welcome to Day 15 of our 2012 Holiday Gift Guide.  Well we feel it’s about time we remembered that there are female sports fans.  Thank you to our friends at the Patriots Pro Shop for their help.


Ladies Nike Basic Logo Tee



Ladies PINK Boyfriend Pants



Patriots Team Lashes/Beauty

EyeLashesStickers Ladies Sprint Full Zip Track Jacket


Hoodie Duffel Bag


25 Days of Christmas, Dec 12

On the 12th day of Brewmas we offer up our version of a 12,12,12 deal and with that we feature the greatest # 12 in NFL History. Tom Brady.

BradyTripleThreatPanoFrame BradySpotlight8x10Photo

TomBradySignedMichiganMiniHelmetTomBradyPlushToy14TomBradyFatheadTeammateImgDyn (1)


25 Days of Christmas, December 9

On the 9th day of Brewmas,  We offer up Sports Fan Electronics Accessories.  Looking for the perfect gift for the sports fan who has everything, may we suggest.

iHip NFL DJ Style Headphone with In-Line Microphone

611+0VXkzFL._SL1200_ The iHip NFL  DJ style headphone features an in-line microphone with in-line volume control for added convenience. The cord is removable and the sleek, modern design adds to it’s high quality audio sound. Show off your favorite  teams’ colors and logo while listening to your favorite music.

NFL iPad Case

51cH89GVQLL._SS500_ (1)

iHip NFL Officially Licensed Universal TV Remote


Team ProMark Iphone 4 Phone Case


Centon  NFL DataStick Keychain V2 4 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive


NFL New England Patriots Neoprene Sleeve for 15- to 16-Inch Laptop


25 Days of Christmas December 7

On the 7th Day of Brewmas, your favorite podcast gave to you, an idea to buy your favorite hockey fan a Swanny’s Necklace.  Founded in 2008, Swanny’s Necklaces bring a new fashion to the rink.  Hockey fans love clothing that includes laces, Easton proved that with their first hockey hoodie, but how many players have a pair of laces that they may have scored their first goal in that ultimately got cut or you like the necklaces baseball players wear, but want it in a hockey lace. That’s what Swanny’s has done!  Swanny’s necklaces come in a wide array of colors, and not only do they make necklaces, but key chains, lanyards, bracelets, and dog collars.  Pete and the staff at Swanny’s are always giving back, their Breast Cancer Awareness necklace is not only for October but every day.  I wear my Swanny’s everyday and you should too!





25 Days of Christmas December 6

Today in our 25 Days of Christmas list we turn your attention the world of College Athletics, and unlike in the past couple of days where we have spotlighted just one company, today we spotlight 3.  Two of the companies i have been aware of for a while and own their work and 1 just came across my desk this week.  The first company that we will highlight is Smack Apparel.  Started in 1998, Smack Apparel has been on the cutting edge of fan apparel, and their latest releases do just that.  Follow them on twitter.

The second company that we spotlight is The Family Clothlesline.  The Family Clothlesline is a State College, PA institution that is the place to shop for all of your Penn State Gear.



The last company that we spotlight is The School Philly.  The School Philly has created 2 shirts that I just absolutely LOVE. Just like us they have a show on Blog Talk Radio.  The first one thanks the greatest TEAM in Penn State history and the 2nd, well just says how I feel about a certain group of individuals.

bunch front design1 


25 Days of Christmas December 5

In keeping with our theme of supporting other fan bases, today’s entry into our Holiday Gift Guide is our friends from Boston. is a place where the die-hard Boston fan shops to show their support for their favorite teams.  Another company that does the charitable hookup, which we treasure here, as well as make some of the coolest designs for your favorite players and teams.  Plus how can you not like a staff that calls the owner Coach Kevin.

Boston_TE_Party-248x255 Defend_New_England_7516-250x250



25 Days of Christmas December 4

The next couple of days will highlight other teams die-hard fans gear.  Today’s entry is The 7 Line.  Run by Mets Superfans, The 7 Line fills the need for Mets fans who are tired of wearing the traditional Mets t-shirts that you can get at your regular Sports Store.  Another reason why we spotlight The 7 Line, is the charitable work that Darren has done.  From the Gary Carter Memory shirt to his newest Unity shirt, we like to give back here and Darren embodies that.


Come on who doesn't need a calendar

Come on who doesn’t need a calendar 


25 Days of Christmas December 1

We are starting a Holiday Gift Guide of stuff that we like here at the Network  and think you or faithful listeners and sports fans in general will like.  On day one we present Hard Ninety Activewear.  I have been a fan of hard Ninety since I was introduced to them via twitter.   One of the main reason for this is as a bigger guy I enjoy companies that make clothes in the bigger sizes and more importantly they don’t charge more for them.

HardNinety Unisex Hoodie $31.99


HardNinety Loose Activewear Crew from $19.90

HardNinety Loose Activewear Crew from $19.90 


Jade Bryce 2013 Calendar $20.00

Jade Bryce 2013 Calendar $20.00