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Finally! The Offense Explodes!

Posted by Brian Capozzi

While one win doesn’t exactly take away the sour taste left in our mouths after the Yankees-Red Sox series, an offense blowout can definitely help. Backed by a solid outing from Ivan Nova, the Yankees beat the Indians last evening in the Bronx by a score of 11-7. A 4-run 9th inning by the Indians is the reason why the score seems closer then it was. In the bottom of the 1st inning, patience… that’s right, patience is what led the Yankees to a 3-0 lead. Jeter led off the game with a walk, followed by a Granderson strikeout, and 2 walks to Teixeira and A-Rod. Cano stepped to the plate with bases load and drove a single to right field to plate Jeter. Nick Swisher followed up with a sacrifice fly to score Teixeira, and Posada singled in Rodriguez. Fundamentals helped the Yankees work their way to a 3-0 lead heading into the second. A Granderson home run in the bottom of the second was followed by abench clearing ‘argument’ after what appeared to be an intentional HBP at Teixeira. It was a bush-league move by Fausto Carmona who threw a cock-shot fastball to Granderson. That was his own fault and Teixeira should not be thrown at because Carmona can’t hit his spots! Brett Gardner had an RBI double in the bottom of the 3rd, and an Alex Rodriguez homer in the bottom of the 4th inning gave the Yankees a 6-0 lead heading into the top of the 5th where the Indians finally got on the board to make it 6-1.

A throwing error by Carlos Santana allowed Granderson to score in the 6th, and then the Yankees erupted for 4 runs in the bottom of the 7th thanks in part to back to back doubles by Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez. Outside of a poor performance from Amauri Sanit (0.2 IP, 4 H, 4 ER) and 8 walks by all Yankees pitchers, the team won a game that they needed for a while. They played smart baseball and did not rely solely on the long ball. A game like this could help get the offense going and get the team on a hot streak they have needed for a few weeks. Fingers crossed that they can keep this up, and that it wasn’t just a one-game fluke. We know the team is old, but the fact is, they still have talent to get the job done. Robinson Cano and Jorge Posada each collected 3 hits apiece, while Teixeira had 3 RBIs. It was indeed a team effort that we need to see more of for the rest of the season.

Today’s Pitching Match-up
Mitch Talbot (2-2, 4.18ERA)
Bartolo Colon (4-3, 3.39ERA)

Yankees Starting Line-up

  1. Jeter, SS
  2. Granderson, CF
  3. Teixeira, 1B
  4. Rodriguez, 3B
  5. Cano, 2B
  6. Swisher, RF
  7. Posada, DH
  8. Gardner, LF
  9. Cervelli, C

What does a 3 game sweep mean?

In 2009 the Yankees started the season 0-8 to the rival Red Six, a few breaks their way and 4-4 was possible, but after those 8 games there was a feeling, a knowledge that they would get their advisories from the Bay State.  Well that feeling isn’t there with the 2011 version of the New York Yankees.  The thought process I have had on this team has only changed for the lesser, because of the injuries and the overall composition of this team.
Due to bad contracts, poor performance, lack of some baseball fundamentals the New York Yankees maybe at a point that they haven’t been in on July 31st in a long time, SELLERS not BUYERS at the trade deadline.  The Jorge Posada DH experiment is working as good as a remake of the Bad News Bears. Posada maybe hitting above .200 for the first time since well there was still snow on the ground.  Posada never wanted to be a DH, has scoffed at the idea in the past and his ego has gotten in the way of him being a productive player on the Yankees, but he isn’t the only 10+ million dollar player not performing to their own standards, let’s take a quick trip out to RF shall we.
Coming off of a trip to his first All-Star Game and his shameless self promoting “Tommy Bahama” Nick Swisher is having the 2nd worse season of his proffessional career (see 2008 Chicago White Sox).  Sure all fans carry a special place in their collective hearts for the “Swisher Salute” and his playful demeanor, but the fact that can not be disputed is his ineptitude in the outfield and unfortunately this year his lack of production at the plate.  Oh and don’t forget base running, where Swisher isn’t exactly graceful at doing that.

When it comes to the rest of the Yankee lineup Derek Jeter, who is climbing the ladder to 3,000 hits, but when it comes to getting clutch hit his last one is over a year ago, and the GIDP against the Red Sox on Wednesday was just his latest inning ending double play, which Yankee fans feel that they automatically have to blame that one on Brett Gardener, but I feel fault lies solely on the Captain. The way Jeter acts after he is hit by a pitch was no different than the way he acts after he is hit by a pitch and the way the ball came out of the plate area, it seemed to me that Gardner could have thought the ball came of the bat.

Curtis Granderson and his 18 HR’s are nice but that is all that you get from him some days.  He is the Yankees MVP so far this season based on numbers alone, but his lack of production on days when he doesn’t hit a HR is very telling.

What the Yankees need to do is figure out what pieces they have that are movable parts and try to get younger.  Unfortunately, this Yankees team is extremely flawed, and now with the injuries is Mets like.  Enjoy the summer kids and the Yankees Mash unit.