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Fantasy Focus: New England Patriots

With the start of the NFL Season quickly approaching with teams heading to Training Camp, we will begin to look at teams from a Fantasy Football standpoint.

Coming off a 12-4 season and a trip to the AFC Championship game, the New England Patriots headed into the off-season with a huge question.  Will they resign Wes Welker and if they don’t how do they replace him?  Well back in March the first question was answered and they didn’t. The second part of the question was answered with the signing of Danny Amendola and seemingly moving Aaron Hernandez to the slot, with a hopefully healthy Jake Ballard into his spot on the line.

Rob Gronkowski‘s broken forearm didn’t heal as the Patriots and he would hope, after having multiple surgeries to clear up infections, and then stunning people with a precautionary trip back under the knife to clean up his back.

The biggest shock of the off-season happened in mid June when Aaron Hernandez was being investigated in relation to a homicide and then a week later charged with the murder of Odin Lloyd.

The Patriots have done a good job since in distancing themselves from the former TE that wore #81, and the players are trying to remove the the distraction.  But let’s look at the depth chart and try to help you with your fantasy drafts.

WR Danny Amendola Michael Jenkins Matthew Slater Kenbrell Thompkins
Quentin Sims
LT Nate Solder Will Svitek Kevin Haslam Elvis Fisher
LG Logan Mankins Nick McDonald Tyronne Green Josh Kline
C Ryan Wendell Nick McDonald
RG Dan Connolly Marcus Cannon Chris McDonald
RT Sebastian Vollmer Marcus Cannon Markus Zusevics R.J. Mattes
TE Rob Gronkowski Michael Hoomanawanui Daniel Fells Jake Ballard
Zach Sudfeld
Brandon Ford
WR Julian Edelman Aaron Dobson Josh Boyce Lavelle Hawkins
Kamar Aiken
Mark Harrison
Perez Ashford
QB Tom Brady Ryan Mallett Tim Tebow
RB Stevan Ridley Brandon Bolden LeGarrette Blount George Winn
RB Shane Vereen Leon Washington James Develin Ben Bartholomew


Tom Brady is still a top 3 NFL QB, brain wise.  This season will most likely not prove to be the past 3 years of Brady, fantasy wise.  I believe you can still pencil him in for 3500+ yards, 30 TD’s and less than 8 interceptions. but in saying that most of those will come post October 1st.  Getting Gronkowski healthy hopefully by then, acclimating Amendola to the offense to fill the Welker role.  The questions in the passing game, may be relieved by the emergence of the running game last season.

Stevan Ridley isn’t a 350+ carry back, but he is a guy who should be able to carry rock 250-300 times and score you 10 TD’s and gain you over 1100 yards.  A good 2nd back or 1st in a deeper league.  Shane Vereen proved he could catch the ball on swing routes and you saw that in two memorable catches against the New York Jets in the now infamous “Buttfumble” game and against Houston in the Divisional Round.  If he shows the durability to carry the ball 150+ times and catch 50 passes, the Patriots offense should be fine and in position to win a sort of strengthened AFC East, and make a run into the Playoffs.

When it comes to Rob Gronkowski’s fantasy outlook, it all depends on when he makes his way back onto the field.  With the Patriots first two games coming within 5 days of each other against the Bills and Jets, expect Gronk to be back onto the field anytime after week 3.  If he plays in 12+ games, you can pencil in #87 for 800+ yards and 10+ TD’s.  The Patriots TE’s won’t have the same dynamic effect as it has had since 2010, but with Gronk, Ballard, Hooman, and Daniel Fells. expect the Patriots TE’s as a whole to have 100+ receptions, 1500+ yards and 15 TD’s.

Patriots WR’s since Randy Moss haven’t been down the field threats. The biggest question there is, Can they find a way to replace Wes Welker’s sure hands on 3rd and medium.  If Amendola can produce at 75% of Welker’s production, that’s good for nearly 90 catches and 900 yards.  A healthy Julian Edelman can be counted on for 50 catches and 600 yards.  the Patriots have waited a long time to see if drafting Edelman can prove to be a productive WR.  With the acquisition of Leon Washington, Edelman will not have to handle the kick return duties.  Aaron Dobson and Michael Jenkins are tough to call fantasy wise, because of as you’ve seen in the past, if #12 doesn’t trust throwing them the ball, they won’t see it too often.

Where should you draft the Patriots?

Tom Brady 4th or 5th Round

Stevan Ridley 8th-12th Round

Shane Vereen 16th-20th Round

Rob Gronkowski 10th-14th round

Danny Amendola after the 15th Round

Julian Edelman free agent pickup

Stephen Gostkowski top 5 K

NFL Transactions

The following are official NFL transactions for Friday, February 15.  Transactions will be published each day after they are circulated to NFL clubs.  This public version will include waiver requests, assignments via waivers, terminations, free agent signings, reserve list and practice squad additions and deletions, and trades.  It will not include waiver claims, tryouts, suspensions, etc.



DATE: Friday, 2/15/2013



    Young, Titus WR Boise State      

   CLAIMING DEADLINE: 4:00 p.m., N.Y. Time, Tuesday, 2/19/13

    Woodson, Charles DB Michigan      


    Wang, Ed T Virginia Tec

NFL Transactions

The following are official NFL transactions for Thursday, February 14.  Transactions will be published each day after they are circulated to NFL clubs.  This public version will include waiver requests, assignments via waivers, terminations, free agent signings, reserve list and practice squad additions and deletions, and trades.  It will not include waiver claims, tryouts, suspensions, etc.



DATE: Thursday, 2/14/2013



    McGee, Terrence DB Northwestern State, La.      
         Failed Physical
    Malast, Kevin LB Rutgers    


    Corp, Aaron QB Richmond  
    Eckerson, Hutch T South Carolina  
    Shaw, James WR Jacksonville State  
    Robinson, Lee LB Alcorn State  
    Brace, Ron NT Boston College

NFL Transactions 2/11/2013

The following are official NFL transactions for Monday, February 11.  Transactions will be published each day after they are circulated to NFL clubs.  This public version will include waiver requests, assignments via waivers, terminations, free agent signings, reserve list and practice squad additions and deletions, and trades.  It will not include waiver claims, tryouts, suspensions, etc.


DATE: Monday, 2/11/2013


    Barnett, Nick LB Oregon State  
         Failed Physical
    Wilson, George DB Arkansas  
    Hansen, Matt DB Rhode Island  


    Bryant, Charlie G Memphis  
    Hayden, Nick DT Wisconsin  
    Brock, Kevin TE Rutgers  
    Dixon, Marcus DE Hampton  
    Gilyard, Mardy WR Cincinnati  


    Williams, Roderick DB Alcorn State  
    Thomas, Michael DB Stanford

NFL Transactions

The following are official NFL transactions for Wednesday, February 6.  Transactions will be published each day after they are circulated to NFL clubs.  This public version will include waiver requests, assignments via waivers, terminations, free agent signings, reserve list and practice squad additions and deletions, and trades.  It will not include waiver claims, tryouts, suspensions, etc.



DATE: Wednesday, 2/6/2013



    Parker, Martin DT Richmond      

   CLAIMING DEADLINE: 4:00 p.m., N.Y. Time, Thursday, 2/7/13

    Bradshaw, Ahmad RB Marshall      
         Failed Physical
    Canty, Chris DT Virginia      
    Bell, Demetress T Northwestern State, La.      


    Bryant, D.J. LB James Madison  
    Carr, Nigel LB Alabama State  
    Cornell, Jack G Illinois  
    McClain, Antoine G Clemson  
    Silvestro, Alex TE Rutgers  
    Alford, Dominic G Minnesota  
    Johnson, Domonique DB Jackson State  
    McCoy, Chris LB Middle Tennessee  
    Divens, Lamar DT Tennessee State  
    Netter, Al T Northwestern  
    Stupar, Nathan LB Penn State  
    Wiggins, Kenny T Fresno State

Gronklash, Does Rob Gronkowski need to grow up?

New England Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski, who’s play warranted a 6 year, 53 million dollar contract extension last June from the team.  But after his latest no shirt wearing dance party in Las Vegas on Sunday night, the question is now coming up, “Does Rob Gronkowski need to grow up?”  The short answer is yes!  The long answer is off the field yes, on the field the Patriots need Gronk to be Gronk.  The timeline of Rob Gronkowski’s off the field transgressions now include a picture with porn star Bibi Jones with her wearing a Patriots jersey, partying like a crazy college kid at a Patriots post Super Bowl XLVI party, beer bongs during spring break and now this.  Look, I am not trying to deny the kid a good time, BUT with the investment the Patriots made to him, the fact that when the time comes in post Tom Brady New England, Rob Gronkowski is the Patriots biggest star.  He has to show an ability to “Just Say No!”  As a New England Patriots fan, I love the guy, I love what he brings you on the football field, BUT once again, he needs to learn that the Patriots have made an investment on him, and he needs to be ready to be the Superstar, that the Patriots and their fans need him to be.

Now the question is who sits him down and says, Look Rob, we get it you are a big kid and we love that about you, but you need to make better decisions.  Is that guy Robert Kraft? Hell he is signing the checks, Bill Belichick? Tom Brady?  Ding, ding, ding we have a winner.  Brady is one of a small handful of guys on the Patriots that have a Super Bowl Ring.  Brady, in his earlier days owned Boston and still does, needs to sit Gronk down and say, it’s great to go out and have a good time, but giving your boy on stage a DDT, is just not cool.  The Gronk family from their dad Gordie on down to the 5 brothers are a group of over sized kids, but at this point, they need to take a back seat in Rob’s life and let Gronk become the greatest Tight End to ever play the game.

What could help Rob?  Go to California to work with Tom Brady, the same way Julian Edelman did last off-season, and Aaron Hernandez is going this year.  Doing this may help his off the field and come September the Patriots on the field.

NFL Transactions

The following are official NFL transactions for Tuesday, February 5.  Transactions will be published each day after they are circulated to NFL clubs.  This public version will include waiver requests, assignments via waivers, terminations, free agent signings, reserve list and practice squad additions and deletions, and trades.  It will not include waiver claims, tryouts, suspensions, etc.


DATE: Tuesday, 2/5/2013


    Young, Titus WR Boise State  
         From DETROIT
    Young, Titus WR Boise State  
         From DETROIT
    Rucker, Frostee DE Southern California  
    Peterman, Stephen G Louisiana State  
    Vanden Bosch, Kyle DE Nebraska  
    Boley, Michael LB Southern Mississippi  
    Rainey, Chris RB Florida  






    Miller, Lonyae RB Fresno State  
    Stephens, Reggie

Giant Fail

Ok here’s something crazy. If the Bears, Vikings and Cowboys lose next week and the Giants win, Giants get the wildcard. And my question is, do I want them to be in after the way they played against the Ravens and Falcons. I knew these two games were going to be hard ones but it’s like they didn’t even try against the Falcons but they looked completely lost against both teams. As if they forgot how to play the game. No, wait, they didn’t even show up. And what aggravated me more is how the players and fans were continuing with this bullshit about last season and how it happened then so it’s gonna happen again. Yeah… I wasn’t even pissed or upset, I was disappointed with the lack of defense, lack of offense and lack of trying. There was no motivation, no drive, no emotion. And now that there’s a small chance for them to be in, it’s like what is the point? Lets just put everyone including the players out of their misery and start over next season. There was too much talk, too much cocky attitudes and too much of the past talk. We live in the present. It’s a new season, forget what you did last season, it’s about right now, today, what can you do today? How are you going to play? Do you want it more than other teams? Do you think you have what it takes to win another championship? If you think so, then play like it. Show everyone that you are better than what is being showed. Injuries? Who the fuck cares!!!! That’s not an excuse! Players need to step up! I said this about the Jets and I’m saying it about the Giants. Seriously! And Eli is looking like the old QB. He’s not looking like that Champion QB we remember from 2011 season. And he should be looking better.

I was disgusted with the lack of play I saw today. And the thousand and one flags didn’t help their situation at all. While I won’t compare the way the Giants were playing to the Jets or Eagles but it was close to it. And now if things go their way, do they honestly deserve to be in the playoffs? Would they even be able to get passed the Wildcard with the way they have showed up against good teams? I don’t really think so. Maybe if they get heads out of their asses and focus on the game at hand and keep thinking, it’s all or nothing, then maybe, just maybe there’s a chance. But I don’t believe it and I don’t think I’m gonna regret saying what I’m saying cause I haven’t seen much of anything from them. They haven’t been consistent this whole season. The good games they have had, Cruz, Bradshaw, Wilson have been amazing. Eli has been amazing! Defense has been awesome. And then you see nothing out of them in the next game. They literally fell of the face of the earth in November and that’s when we got the whole “We had a slump last year around this time and look at where we ended up! Well be fine.” Not quoting anyone but that’s pretty much sums it up. And the last two games have been absolutely disgusting. It was watching a train wreck and believing deep down they will come back and never did.

I’m a huge Giants fan and I love my team and wouldn’t care if they didn’t make it or if they sucked but if you tried, I’d be OK with this. But the lack of that has made me a very disappointed fan. Hopefully next season well see something better.

Just My Opinion

Written by the First lady of the What’s Brewin in Sports Radio Network. Follow her on twitter @shortystylz


Before I say anything, don’t go bashing me or telling me I have no idea what I’m talking about. I think everyone now is realizing exactly why they traded for Tebow. And now I shall state my opinion on just that cause well that’s just what I do. Plus twitter doesn’t give me enough characters to say my peace & I hate crowding people’s timelines w/ my shit. Just so you know, I’m not a Jets fan, my family is. I’m a football fan. And obviously, based on the shit I shared on here, you already know who I’m a fan of.

First the Jets were trying to get Peyton on their team. For what reason, I honestly do not know. I remember asking myself, why would you try to get Peyton when you already have a starting QB on your team? What would be the point in that? That didn’t pan out right. After finding out that Peyton decided to go with the Broncos, guess who was out? Yes, Tebow’s out. But he had to be traded. And the Jets were on that, with the Jaguars. So I heard, it ended up being Tebow’s choice, which sounded pretty interesting cause he was being traded, but that’s besides the point. Jets made it official before it was set in stone. Typical Jets! But all that, my questions were why would they have him on your team? What would his job be? What’s the point of this? Don’t you already have a freakin QB? Why bring Tebow into the lime light even more by having him as a back up? I know there are two sides w/ Tebow’s playing abilities. I believe he can play but he needs more playing time and a team that is built around him. That is what I believe with most teams. It just confused me so much and after thinking about it, I realized, they got Tebow for one reason. Publicity! Sell tickets, make headlines, have everyone, including the media, talk about the team and buy jerseys. It was all of a money thing. Now you may not think that but isn’t it kind of obvious right now?

I thought it was the stupidest move they have ever made. Oh and giving Sanchez an extension for what? Have you seen him play? Not saying Sanchez is the worst QB to ever play in the NFL but he hasn’t been consistent. One week it’s like oh ok, he’s alright and the next week, it’s like what the hell is wrong w/ this guy? Actually, it’s the whole team. I know, they have injuries but that is never an excuse. You have enough players on your team for someone to step up to the plate. I’ve always said that. Something just didn’t seem right with having Tebow there. I said they will never use him, they will never let him play. As I watched each game, seeing them switching back and forth between Sanchez and Tebow, all I could say is what the fuck are you doing? You shouldn’t take a QB out when he’s having a great drive and put someone else in for one or two plays. It doesn’t make sense. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that and it shocked me seeing that every week. It came to the point where it’s like, you take him out when he’s in a rhythm but when he’s playing like shit, you leave him in to just go 3 and out. Or there’s a pick or a fumble. C’mon!!! That doesn’t make any sense!!! It turned into exactly what everyone thought, a freakin circus. NY Media had a field day with this, constantly being in the headlines, always talked about by every sports media out there. It got to the point where it was more about how many papers they can sell and how many times a day ESPN or NFL Network could talk about them before we all got tired of listening about the same shit day in and day out.

And the Jets have proven my point in so many ways. Week 13, we find out that Tebow had injured ribs and was inactive to play so they activated McElroy . Shockingly after Sanchez was playing like shit with 3 INTs, they benched him and put in McElroy. And my question was if Tebow was active for that game, would they have still benched Sanchez? I said no. Whether or not I’m right or wrong, I believed that they would have never put in Tebow. Some were saying that if Tebow was in, they would be asking questions of whether or not Tebow would be starting the rest of the season and anything else that you can ask about Tebow. That’s understandable but not completely, because after seeing Sanchez have a total of 4 INTs, they still kept him in the game Monday night. And they were given the biggest chance of their season to win a game to keep them in the playoff hunt and they screwed it up a lot worse than the Titan’s punter. The Jets finally answered my question I had in Week 13. And they have been proving me right this whole season. There’s two games left and they decided to have McElroy start for the upcoming game and I believe they will have him play for the final game. While you can argue that they are doing that because he won a game for them against the Cards, the fact remains they never wanted Tebow to play QB. They wanted him to be a show for the team. Like a mascot. This has nothing to do with winning games and getting into the playoffs and possibly having a run to the Superbowl. It was all about using this kid for one reason only and they not only embarrassed him but you made him out to look like a fucking moron standing on the sidelines with his helmet on waiting to play. He didn’t do anything for that team. He didn’t help that team win games, he was nothing to them and even thou I am so happy that I called it from the beginning, I feel bad for Tebow and the fans who thought there was a chance for something good to happen this season. I think even if they made the wildcard, fans would have been somewhat pleased with that. And they would have proved everyone, including me, wrong about why they brought Tebow into their organization.

Everything that is wrong with that team is wrong. They have so much to think about over the offseason. They need to rebuild that team from the ground up but I think they need to start from the top and work their way down. But that’s just my opinion on the matter. An unnecessary season it has been for the Jets and the fans. Some may call it a joke and some may say it didnt matter but I knew from the beginning what would happen. It was bound to happen. I’m just shocked it took this long when I thought their choking would have happened after the Patriots game on Thanksgiving. This team was just up and down for so long, you didn’t know which team was actually going to come out. And of course bad teams made the Jets look better. The reality is, for my family’s sake and for the Jet fans, rebuild your team, try to actually win games instead of looking like you are completely lost and have no idea what the hell you are doing. If you try, fans would be ok with that. At least I think so.

Well that’s all I gotta say about that topic. Don’t beat me down cause you may not like what I have to say or you think I have no idea what I’m talking about. Shockingly I know what I’m talking about. It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out. It takes someone who watches the game and see what is going on. And I have gotten a lot from my dad over this matter. Just don’t get all bitchy and immature about it. If you are going to defend that team, then I shall call you a PINK HAT! Don’t know what it means, look it up!


Well since this is 12/12/12, I have decided to pay homage and kiss the ass some more of the Greatest # 12 in NFL History, no not Gus Frerotte, Tom Brady.

Some of these moments are no brainers, some you may scratch your head at.  The Super Bowl Wins, The Big Regular Season games, and the defining moments.  The Super Bowl losses also make it because they are what make the man that wears # 12 for the New England Patriots, The MAN.

Top 12 Tom Brady Moments

12. The First Start


11. Brady breaks Urlacher’s ankles


10. The Catch


9. Super Bowl XXXVIII


8. Super Bowl 42 & 46


7. Welcome Back


6. Super Bowl 39


5.  Giselle


4.  Patriot Games


3. 16-0, 2007

Tom Brady, Logan Mankins, Russ Hochstein

2. Super Bowl XXXVI


1. Snow Bowl, January 2002