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Re-Gronk-ulous Reactions

We all know the story by now. New England Patriots star Tight End Ron Gronkowski had an ankle injury that may, or may not, have limited his ability in the Patriots 21-17 loss to the New York Giants in Super Bowl 46 in Indianapolis.

What we do know is that Gronk likes to take his shirt off in the club and do some, shall we say, ‘interesting’ dances moves.

Gronk going out to a night club and getting crazy is nothing abnormal for a 22-year-old these days. What was perceived by some in the sports media and former players, and most notably former Patriot Rodney Harrison, who ripped Gronk to shreds on a Chicago radio station.

What I find strange and downright hypocritical about Harrison’s comments was talking about how young players are a problem in these situations, and that veterans like himself,Willie McGinest, and Teddy Bruschi would never EVER let this happen, was that Gronk was not alone in his Dancing With the Stars audition gone wrong.

Where was Harrison’s outrage towards VETERAN Matt Light, the guy who was a 2nd round pick of the Patriots in 2001 and has been an important VETERAN of this team for years? Where was the outrage from Harrison there? Why the focus on Gronk?


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From this vantage point, I see no issue with Gronkowski and Light blowing off some steam at a night club after a tough Super Bowl loss. Any of you had a very rough day at work, maybe lost the most important sale of your life, or lost the account you worked on for years, and then decided to kick back and have a few beers? Why must we judge what these two do after they have fulfilled their obligations to the New England Patriots for the 2011 season? Why MUST that be questioned?

And what relevance does this have to how Gronkowski or Light played on Super Bowl Sunday? It is not as if, Gronk and Light made this decision BEFORE the Super Bowl and that decision cost them the game. The game was lost before that.

Another sign that this is a non issue…any comments from Bill Belichick?  Tom Brady? Robert Kraft? Or better yet, Gisele? (sarcasm off)

The fact that this story has gotten so much attention proves one thing: The sports media is paying far too much attention to the NFL at the wrong times. The season is over. Free agency begins in March. Let it go.

And as soon as Gronk has a 2 TD game in September 2012, this will all be forgotten.