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Opening Day

As many of us sports fans begin to transition into the marathon that is 162 games in 180 days, we look to Opening Day as a new start.  Every team is 0-0, every fan has hoped that once October starts their favorite team has 11 more wins in them that will lead to a celebration on a field and tshirts and hats purchased that signify a World Championship.

For others, it has the feeling of the first day of school, time to see your seat mates, meet some new people that for 81 days throughout the early spring til early fall will share in the ups and downs, the cheers and tears, the hot dogs, beers and ice cream cones that quench the heat in July and August.
Last season, I had the privilege of working along side Bald Vinny, for 86 Yankee games at Bald Vinny’s House of Tees. Opening Day last year had a different feel to it as this year also has one.

You see, last year I was the new student on the first day of school, the person everyone had to get to know, this year is different, the anticipation of opening day leads to seeing the friends that I made last season, and of course meeting new people along the way. Last year was nerve wracking, can I be Vinny’s right hand man, will I be accepted by the Creature Faithful? Will what seems to be the ultimate dream job for a sports fan be just that and those answers are YES!

The season on River Ave. is long at times, short at others, the rain sucks, the heat is hotter, but nothing beats it. the walk off wins are exciting, the environment is only compared to working for Disney and seeing ca kid’s face the first time they meet Mickey. 

Meeting people from all over the country and world is awesome, hearing how they made Yankee Stadium and stopping by the House of Tees, is something I’ve heard Vinny talk about on The George Brew Show and on other various interviews is more humbling that you would think. The people that I knew through a twitter handle only, became real living breathing people, who were cool folks that I became friends.

Walking into the Yankee Bar and Grill, to see a smiling Tracey, or Nicky, or Peg, or Chris, who like you were there until 11 or 12 the night before and the smiles on their face at 10 am make the day go quicker and just overall better. The ability to see the early morning sun as it peeks through the clouds and sun splash Yankee Stadium is picturesque. When the rain pounds you into submission, there sure is a rainbow that follows and it usually leads to Yankee Stadium,

This article is dedicated to Bald Vinny, the best boss, friend and mentor anyone can have, but it also is to those of you who made the 2012 season memorable for me. Thank you for the memories, and lets make 2013 a whole hell of a lot better. See you on River Ave. tomorrow, for yet another 1st day of school.